What are the guidelines for using Craft Mode to create shots?

Guidelines and restrictions for the Craft Mode.

When using Jevo Craft Shots, the possibilities are nearly endless. There's a few ingredients that can't be used when you're mixing up your next best-seller. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your Jevo continues to produce high-quality, great tasting gelatin shots.


Do not use...

Thick or pulpy liquids - We're talking about the orange juices and lemonades of the world. Pulp poses a real threat to the filters that help Jevo function properly.

Dairy products of any kind - Milk can curdle and dairy can spoil, which definitely doesn't taste great.

Solids or liquids containing solids such as gold flakes - Jevo internal plumbing has many small tubes, which can easily clog.

Powdered mixers such as cocoa or fruity drink mixes - Jevo internal plumbing has many small tubes, which can easily clog.

Mint or menthol-flavored liquids - The flavor binds with Jevo's tubes and can cause long-term flavor contamination.

Fruits containing proteases - Fruit containing this enzyme break down gelatin and cause it to not set. This includes figs, ginger root, guava, kiwi fruit, mango, papaya or pineapple.


 Use caution with...

Highly carbonated liquids such as soda. Using more than 16 oz per batch may cause your shots to be unevenly filled. 

Syrups. When using more than 3 oz of syrups, add a small amount of carbonated liquid (such as club soda) to thin out the syrup to prevent clogging.